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 Located on Reynolds St. since 1970, Crofton Swim and Tennis Club has something for everyone.  Our facilities include 8 tennis courts, 4 of which are lighted, a large pool with low and high diving boards and a

 wonderful new club house.  
With so many activities for families including swim team, dive team, tennis team, tennis camps and various social activities for children and adults. CSTC is the club of choice for Crofton Triangle Residents and their guests. 

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Swim and Dive Team

Cameron Diamond Invitational

Cameron Diamond Invitational

Cameron Diamond Invitational


Benefiting the Charlotte R. Bloomberg

 Children's Center at Johns Hopkins

Crofton Aquatics is pleased to host an annual novice invitational meet at the Crofton Swim and Tennis Club dedicated in the memory of one of Crofton's own, Cameron Diamond.

About this Event

Formerly known as the Crofton Aquatics Novice Meet, it was renamed in 2010 to honor Cameron Diamond, a young girl and member of CSTC who epitomized courage, perseverance and grace in her battle with leukemia.  She inspired Campower -- a strength and spirit that brought our community together.  Through the generosity of our swim team families and the greater community over the last 5 years, our event has raised over $40,000 in donations, many boxes of art and craft supplies, as well as hundreds of get well cards for children fighting for better health at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.  In addition, it has brought families and friends together for a wonderful community tradition.  Each year's event will continue to raise money put toward donations in Cam's honor.  Please see www.camerondiamond.org for more details and a link to make a contribution.     

Dive Team

Cameron Diamond Invitational

Cameron Diamond Invitational


A Letter from the CMDL President:

2020 CMDL Season Announcement
Hello everyone,
As we know, the spread of the 2019 Coronavirus resulted in significant changes in our daily lives, the school year, and summer plans. Despite our best efforts to gather as much information about the implications hosting a potential season with the specter of the COVID-19 disease, to confidently hold a potential season, we have reached the difficult decision that the 2020 season must be canceled at this time. We feel profound sadness knowing the disappointment this will cause, but the decision was made to prioritize the safety of our participants, supporters, and communities.

Over the last 10 weeks, the Central Maryland Dive League board has monitored ongoing developments related to COVID-19. Most importantly, we gathered input from public health officials, as well as elected and appointed representatives from county, state and federal government. We also sought input from dive representatives from all 13 teams. The consistent thread in feedback was a commitment to health and safety. We took into account as much information as we could to determine whether the CMDL could operate in a safe, healthy manner that did not put overwhelming logistical and organizational pressure on the 13 CMDL teams.

At this moment, we are looking ahead with plans to make 2021 the best season yet.


Phelps Prescott, President
Central Maryland Dive League


For dive team questions, please e-mail croftoncatsdiving@gmail.com.

Swim Team

Cameron Diamond Invitational

Swim Team


 A Letter from the CMSL Board: 

2020 CMSL Season Announcement 

CMSL Friends & Family,

Based on Maryland’s recovery stage and no clear timeline to stage 3, we have regrettably decided to cancel the 2020 CMSL season.

We understand how disappointing this is for everyone that supports our league, but we cannot envision a way to safely and effectively run a meet under the current conditions. In addition, the uncertainty of knowing when (and if) we would have a season creates its own level of stress and anxiety, so we hope having a decision (albeit not the one we wanted) provides some relief.

The Board greatly appreciates all of the input provided by many athletes, families, teams and pools. It is your commitment to the CMSL that will ensure we come back stronger in 2021.

We look forward to planning an even better 2021.

The Central Maryland Swim League Board

If you have any questions about swim team you can contact us at croftoncats@gmail.com.

Thanks, Julie and Gena


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CATS 2019 Handbook (pdf)




2020 Tennis Team Schedule

2020 Season

Tennis Staff: Diane Williams CSTCTennisPro@gmail.com 

CSTC is excited to announce that we have hired Ms. Diane Williams to be the club’s new Tennis and Pickleball Pro! She is the current Head Coach for St. Mary's varsity tennis team and Director of the St. Mary's Pickleball Club. Coach Williams is a professionally certified USTA instructor and coach with a long history of organizing leagues for players of all ages throughout Anne Arundel County. Coach Williams grew up in Crofton and was a club member with her family for many years.

Several new programs will be announced, starting in the spring, including beginner clinics for tennis and pickleball, women’s, men’s, and mixed doubles tennis leagues for players of different skill levels, socials and events. The kid’s programs, cardio tennis and pickleball socials will remain on our schedule.

Feel free to send an email to:  Coach Williams at CSTCTennisPro@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions. 

2020 Season

2020 Tennis Team Schedule

2020 Season

Coming soon...

2020 Tennis Team Schedule

2020 Tennis Team Schedule

2020 Tennis Team Schedule

Coming soon...

Tennis Events

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Tennis Registration Form

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tennis rules and regulations

Tennis Rules and Regulations (pdf)


CATS Learn 2 Swim

Program Overview

WELCOME to the 2019 CATS LEARN 2 SWIM LESSON SEASON!  We are pleased to offer a number of great swim programs at the Crofton Swim and Tennis Club!  Our CATS LEARN 2 SWIM program features smaller groups, a staff of trained lifeguards and passionate swim instructors, clear objectives and expectations for each level, a knowledgeable and accessible program director, swimmer progress reports and more!  

Swim Mini Camp

The CATS L2S SWIM MINI CAMP is designed for our youngest swimmers (age 5-8) who want to get their ’feet wet’ prior to the start of the CATS SWIM TEAM season. Our 30 minute classes start at 5:30 pm and end at 7 pm

Mini Camp Objectives

  1. To help our younger swimmers decide which level of swim they would fit into (Swim Team or JUNIOR CATS)
  2. To give swimmers an extra opportunity to become reacquainted with the size and length of our pool
  3. We will touch on the basics of the 4 competitive swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) as well as racing starts and heat winning finishes!


Junior CATS Swim Program

Our JUNIOR CATS Swim Program is designed for swimmers who have graduated from our Learn 2 Swim lessons program, but are not ready to make the full commitment to the CATS Swim Team.  The JUNIOR CATS will practice Monday- Friday from 10:00 am-10:45 am. Eligible swimmers are able to participate in one or both of our three-week sessions. SESSION 1 begins June 17th (June 17th– July 5th) and SESSION 2 begins on July 8th (July 8th-26th). Space is limited! The JR CATS program is $112 per session per student. Although we have no age limit it is important that our swimmers can perform a few basic safety/swimming techniques in order to be eligible for this class. JUNIOR CATS must be able to swim independently in the water and have a high level of confidence while in the pool. It is vital for safety reasons that our JR CATS can navigate their way through the pool without a coach standing next to them. The L2S director reserves the right to move participants to a lower group if necessary. Please refer to our check list of L2S Levels as our JR CATS must be proficient up through the Piranhas level.

Group & Private Lessons

Each swim session (one week period) will include 150 minutes of lesson time each week. All fees are nonrefundable. Sessions fees are due PRIOR to the start of each session. Once the pool opens all forms and payments can be dropped off at the front desk of the pool in a clearly marked envelope (CSTC Learn2Swim Program and the students name on the front). Students will have their space confirmed via email only when payment and Family Registration Form is received. The LEARN 2 SWIM Director will determine if a make-up session is needed due to excessive cancellations during a session. Each session is $55 per swimmer. Each class is limited to 5 students per instructor. This will allow more instructional time for each student during their training session.  If we have a group that has exceeds 5 students there will be a second teacher assigned. 

Semi-private group lessons (2-4 students per teacher) and private lessons for children and adults are available and will be conducted outside of the scheduled programs. You are encouraged to contact the director at learn2swimCATS@gmail.com to coordinate.  


You may also want to be added to the email distribution list for updates and openings throughout the summer season! Checks are to be made out to CSTC. GROUP SWIM LESSONS at CSTC are available to CSTC members only.  

Please feel free to contact the CATS LEARN 2 SWIM program director, Coach Karen, with any questions throughout the summer. Don’t forget to request being a part of our email group at learn2swimCATS@gmail.com!


General Information

For Resigning Members

For Resigning Members

The current membership bond (refundable upon resignation, less a $200 transfer fee) is $1,000.  Dues for the 2020 season are $600 for a Family Membership. Dues are required by April 16th of the current year.  Members whose dues are paid after the 16th will be charged late fees.  Members of record as of April 30 of each year will be responsible for their full seasonal dues per the CSTC by-laws. 

(Article IV, Section 3) 

For Resigning Members

For Resigning Members

For Resigning Members

 Please send your bond certificate to CSTC P.O. Box 3451, Crofton, MD 21114 with a signed letter of intent of resignation.  If you cannot locate your bond,  please indicate that in your letter of resignation. This letter should be signed by each member or member(s) listed on bond as owner.  Members of record as of April 30 of each year will be responsible for their full seasonal dues per the CSTC by-laws (Article IV, Section 3).  Upon receipt of your resignation letter, you will be placed on the member sale list and sent an email of acknowledgement from the CSTC Administrative Officer.  Your bond will be refunded (less $200 transfer fee and any outstanding monies owed to club) when a new member purchases your spot. 

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Board Members
Erin Anderson: President

Polly Kramarsic: Vice President
Melissa Stundick: Treasurer

Katy Nobis: Secretary

Alison Rose: Social Chair
John Wagner: Board Member
Chris Gowen: Board Member

Adam Wolfe: Board Member

Jeremy Strain: Board Member

*Please contact Admin to get a Board Members contact information.


1719 Reynolds St, Crofton, Maryland 21114, Mailing Address: PO Box 3451 Crofton, MD 21114

Michelle Parlante, Admin Officer: admin@croftonswimandtennis.org, or (443) 694-6314 Pool: (410)721-0699 (Opening Day to Closing)


Open Daily 11 am - 9 pm except when there are home swim & dive meets.  Please check out the calendar above for specifics.